The Real Super Tour

The Real Super Tour, Photo: Kennan Harvey

The Utah Avalanche Center had this to say about what one could do in the Wasatch Mountains on a beautiful January day in 2019.

“In 1976, Dave Hanscom and Alexis Kelner published Wasatch Tours, a backcountry skiing guidebook “intended for a rather limited population of skiers who practiced their sport mostly in the proximity of the Central Wasatch”. They later published two complementary books that expanded into terrain outside of the central Wasatch. Each are a gem (the books as well) and the reader quickly grasps the passion and love of skiing that each brought to these wonderful books. In their books, they recommend – when the avalanche conditions are suitable – a SuperTour – a long outing among the high peaks and covering lots of ground. I hope you’ve gotten yours.”

— UAC, Salt Lake Forecast, January 31, 2019

Kennan Harvey recounts his attempts at The Real Super Tour in this article from Black Diamond Equipment Experience.

My early forays into the Wasatch backcountry were carried out in leather boots on narrow 215 cm skis and directed by the local ski bible, Wasatch Tours. Within its pages was a mythic description of the “Super Tour,” a full-day, tricky ridge traverse beginning near the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, passing below the flanks of a locally iconic peak called the Pfeifferhorn and eventually descending some 6,000 feet back to the valley floor via Bell’s Canyon.

— Black Diamond, The Real Super Tour, September 7, 2016

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