Adding Custom Code

Adding Custom Code

One of the things that you can do to customize your website is to add custom code. This resource from Squarespace Support will provide you with information you need to get started.

If you are not comfortable with HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript coding then take a look at a couple of the other resources I’ve listed under Web Resources:

  • Learning Web Design and both of which provide a wealth of info on those forms of coding.
  • Another trick to learn is to use the Developer Tools in the Google Chrome browser. You can use the Chrome Developer Tools to isolate what selectors to use to make customizations to very specific elements of your website. You then form those properly and add them to Home > Design > Custom CSS.

 In Google Chrome Browser, use Developer Tools to find selectors.
In Google Chrome Browser, use Developer Tools to find selectors.


 Learning can be Fun!

It might look hard at first, but learn to “learn by playing” and experiment with it a bit. Make it fun. Adopt the mantra of “nothing like a good challenge.” You will get the hang of it, one step at a time. Make notes of each thing you do, so you can remember the details and back-track when needed. Those notes are a form of programming, an algorithm really. Oh, and make friends with your two new best friends, Trial and Error. Great pals they are, indeed.


Adding custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

(Custom Code by Squarespace Support)

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