Don’t let pirates slice-n-dice your iOS Device

Dont Let Pirates Slice-N-Dice Your iDevice

Please take the time to make sure your iOS Device has current operating system software.

Keep your iOS up to date. Here’s how:

– Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

– Update the software on your Apple Watch

– Apple security updates: This document lists all security updates for all Apple software.

Apple (and Windows) routinely releases security updates to address vulnerabilities in their products. (No product manufacturer is immune.) A remote attacker may exploit un-patched or unknown vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system and steal your stuff.

“Given that most people use their iPhone to store all kinds of really important stuff it only makes sense to want to protect it.


Do you leave your house unlocked? Of course not, you lock the doors. An un-patched or not-current operating system is akin to an unlocked or poorly secured house; It’s easy to break in and steal your stuff.


Aside from reasonably strong passwords, current operating system and apps are very important to keeping that lock tight.


You can buy fancy bells and whistles that promise security or you can take charge and just keep your code current. That will go a long way on your behalf. (Hey, I wouldn’t bother with the time it takes to type this if I didn’t give a damn, which I do.)


So, before you go in search of that next sassy cat photo, pressing meme or joke about the Art of the Deal from OccDems make sure your OS is current.”

—Wallace Web Design