The Artificial Intelligence Database

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“The Artificial Intelligence Database”
WIRED, 2021
By WIRED & Boston Consulting Group

“The Artificial Intelligence Database: Explore the technology like never before with [WIRED’s] new database, which collects all of our stories on artificial intelligence and filters them by sector, source data, end user, company, and more.”


Boston Consulting Group is partnering with the team at WIRED… to help tell the story of how artificial intelligence is not only affecting the world right now, but how it promises to shape our lives for years to come.


“The work that we do—helping businesses strike the right partnership between human and tech to unlock their full potential—affects how people, processes, culture, and strategy come together for a company but also society,” said Vladimir Lukic, Managing Director and Partner at BCG. “There’s a broader context to what we do and that’s the story we want to tell.”


Together, WIRED and BCG are proud to present a new content database—devoted entirely to artificial intelligence—that provides that context. Built for business leaders, AI enthusiasts, and the curious minded, this database is designed to be a key resource in how both businesses and the public alike understand the real-world implications of AI—and how to plan for its future.


The new, searchable database blends the best of WIRED’s AI editorial content with BCG’s wide variety of use cases, sourced from years of experience in building and implementing practical AI solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Behind a team of more than 1,300 data scientists and AI experts, BCG has built a deep history of these impactful case studies because that caliber of work has been its primary focus.


The WIRED team has long focused on the intersection of technology and humanity—how our species crafts new and innovative technologies, and in turn how those technologies shape the lives we live. BCG shares this ambition, focusing on the importance of “bionic” companies: organizations that seek to combine the strengths of people and technology to create and scale extraordinary opportunities. The story of this partnership is fundamentally a human one—because humans are a fundamental part of AI’s future.


Now is the right time to explore this story with you. AI’s capabilities are scaling exponentially, but more importantly, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a new kind of global digital transformation for businesses and individuals alike. All of us are interfacing with AI solutions more than ever before—and that means we must recognize their impact accordingly.

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