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Book Cover - The Design of Everyday Things The Design of Everyday Things (3/8/2024) Tagged: Persuasive Design, Design, Design Process   |   "This is a starter kit for good design. It is intended to be enjoyable and informative for everyone: everyday people, technical people, designers, and nondesigners."
Federico Monaco - Credit: Twitter Color Blind Accessibility Manifesto (6/11/2023) Tagged: Web Accessibility   |   A study conducted in 2021 by Web Accessibility In Mind illustrated that 83% of the Internet's top one million homepages failed to meet minimum color contrast requirements. That means about 860,000 of the most visited pages on the Internet aren't designed with people with Color Vision Deficiency in mind.
The anatomy of a WordPress theme (11/8/2021) Tagged: Web Design, How Things Work, WordPress Resource   |   Yoast's WordPress theme infographic.
Sean Fioritto Flexbox Tutorial by Sean Fioritto (10/14/2021) Tagged: CSS, Web Design, How To, Flexbox   |   This is an interactive video intro to flexbox and is comprised of 5 sections that walk through various parts of flexbox.
F.B. Purity Logo F.B. Purity – Clean Up and Customize Facebook (5/22/2020) Tagged: Ad Blocking, Browser Plugins & Add-ons   |   F.B. Purity is a browser extension / add-on that lets you clean up and customise Facebook. It filters out the junk you don't want to see, leaving behind the stories and page elements you do wish to see. The list of story types that FBP hides is customizable to your taste.
WPBeginner Logo WPBeginner – Beginner’s Guide for WordPress (5/21/2020) Tagged: WordPress Resource   |   At WPBeginner, our main goal is to provide cutting-edge helpful WordPress tutorials that are easy to understand for small businesses, bloggers, and non-techy WordPress website owners.
Mozilla Hacks logo Auditing For Accessibility Problems With Firefox Developer Tools (4/26/2020) Tagged: Web Accessibility, Developer Tools, Firefox Browser   |   The Firefox 70 Accessibility Inspector is an auditing facility to help identify and fix many common mistakes and practices to help improve site accessibility.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine Internet Archive Wayback Machine (11/7/2019) Tagged: Digital Archive, Digital Library   |  

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the Internet. It was launched in 2001 by the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, United States.

Documentation is Automation Documentation Is Automation (11/4/2019) Tagged: Documentation, Organizational Culture, Automation   |   Automation is putting process into code. A bullet list in a process document is code if it is treated that way.
Nielsen Norman Group Cringeworthy Words to Cut from Online Copy (9/8/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Writing for the Web   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, January 17, 2016
Writing for the Web
By Hoa Loranger

“Summary: The right words can make or break trust; they affect your tone of voice and how people perceive your site.”

Nielsen Norman Group Supporting Mobile Navigation in Spite of a Hamburger Menu (9/8/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Mobile & Tablet, Navigation   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, August 16, 2015
Mobile & Tablet, Navigation
By Amy Schade

“Summary: Mobile sites that use the hamburger or three-line menu need to support navigation activities throughout the site, in case users don’t locate or use the main site navigation.”

Nielsen Norman Group Website Logo Placement for Maximum Brand Recall (9/8/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Branding, Visual Design, Web Usability   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, February 21, 2016
Branding, Visual Design, Web Usability
By Kathryn Whitenton

“Summary: Users are 89% more likely to remember logos shown in the traditional top-left position than logos placed on the right.”

Nielsen Norman Group Responsive Web Design (RWD) and User Experience (9/8/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Mobile & Tablet, Web Usability   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, May 4, 2014
Mobile & Tablet, Web Usability
By Amy Schade

“Summary: Responsive design teams create a single site to support many devices, but need to consider content, design and performance across devices to ensure usability.”

Nielsen Norman Group Hamburger Menus and Hidden Navigation Hurt UX Metrics (9/8/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Mobile & Tablet, Navigation, Design Patterns   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, June 26, 2016
Design Patterns, Mobile & Tablet, Navigation
By Kara Pernice and Raluca Budiu

“Summary: Discoverability is cut almost in half by hiding a website’s main navigation. Also, task time is longer and perceived task difficulty increases.”

Nielsen Norman Group Hierarchy of Trust: The 5 Experiential Levels of Commitment (8/30/2019) Tagged: Trust, User eXperience, NNg-UX, Credibility, Persuasive Design   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, March 6, 2016
Persuasive Design, Credibility, Trust & User eXperience
By Kate Sherwin

“Summary: Sites must meet users' basic trust needs before they demand that visitors enter information or engage with them. The trust pyramid has 5 distinct levels of user commitment, each with separate design requirements before users will give a website what it wants from them.”

Nielsen Norman Group Pyramid of Trust (8/30/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Credibility, Trust, User eXperience   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, February 24, 2017
Credibility, Trust, User eXperience
By Kate Sherwin

“Summary: …”

Nielsen Norman Group Web UX 2016 vs 2004 & How to Maximize User Research Insight (8/30/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Web Usability, User eXperience, Longitudinal Studies, Trends, User Research   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, December 29, 2016 & January 12, 2017
Web, Usability & User eXperience
By Jakob Nielsen

“Jakob Nielsen presents a rare longitudinal study of 12 years' evolution in web usability: what's gotten better, and where we still need to improve, and discusses how to base design changes on valid UX research methods and gain the biggest ROI from the usability investment.”

Nielsen Norman Group Brand Is Experience in the Digital Age (8/28/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Branding, Interaction Design   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, July 3, 2016
Branding, Interaction Design
By Kate Kaplan

“Summary: While branding has been around since people began buying and trading goods, the definition has evolved in the Digital Age. Consumers now have a wider range of interaction with companies and greater choice in product selection. Today, brand is the holistic sum of customers’ experiences, composed of visual, tonal and behavioral brand components, many of which are shaped by interaction design.”

Nielsen Norman Group Homepage Links Remain a Necessity (8/28/2019) Tagged: Web Usability, NNg-UX, Navigation   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, July 23, 2017
Web Usability, Navigation
By Hoa Loranger

“Summary: A site logo linking to the homepage is not enough. Logo design and placement, as well as the presence of a text link to the homepage affect success of navigation to homepage.”

Nielsen Norman Group 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design (8/27/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Web Usability, Heuristic Evaluation, Human Computer Interaction   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, April 24, 1994
Heuristic Evaluation, Human Computer Interaction, Web Usability
By Jakob Nielsen

“Summary: Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. They are called "heuristics" because they are broad rules of thumb and not specific usability guidelines.”

Nielsen Norman Group Mental Models (8/27/2019) Tagged: Psychology and UX, NNg-UX, Interaction Design   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, October 17, 2010
Psychology and UX Interaction Design
By Jakob Nielsen

“Summary: What users believe they know about a UI strongly impacts how they use it. Mismatched mental models are common, especially with designs that try something new.”

Nielsen Norman Group The Design of Everyday Things (8/26/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Books, Design   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, 2013
By Don Norman

“In this entertaining and insightful analysis, cognitive scientist Don Norman hails excellence of design as the most important key to regaining the competitive edge in influencing consumer behavior.”

Nielsen Norman Group Should You Copy a Famous Site’s Design? (8/26/2019) Tagged: NNg-UX, Strategy   |  

Nielsen Norman Group, August 22, 2010
By Jakob Nielsen

“Summary: Although successful websites typically have high usability, average sites can hurt their business by copying design elements that don't work well in other contexts.”

Periodic Table of SEO Factors The Periodic Table of SEO Factors (updated for 2019) (8/26/2019) Tagged: Quick Reference, Search, Search Engine Optimization   |  

Search Engine Land
Third Door Media
Editor: Pamela Parker

"Search engine optimization seems like alchemy to the uninitiated. This guide to success factors, best practices and potential pitfalls can build the framework for your SEO strategy."

Internet Society Internet Society – Internet Stats, Trends & Demographics (4/10/2019) Tagged: Internet Stats Trends and Demographics   |  

Facts and figures
Internet Society

Who uses the Internet? How is it used? How does it affect us? The Internet is constantly changing, and understanding and measuring it is a challenge. We’ve collected a variety of resources for Internet statistics, trends, and demographics.

ACE: the Accessible Colour Evaluator (4/7/2019) Tagged: Accessibility Systems & Tools, Human-centered Computing, Web Accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines   |  

ACE: A Colour Palette Design Tool for Balancing Aesthetics and Accessibility
Journal: ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, January 2017
By Garreth W. Tigwell, David R. Flatla, and Neil D. Archibald

This websites contains a web development tool, which can be found under the heading Palette. The purpose of the tool is to assist web designers and developers in selecting a range of colours to use on a website and quickly reveal which pairs will pass or fail at the three different WCAG 2.0 contrast ratio values.

A List Apart – Illustration by Dougal MacPherson From URL to Interactive (3/9/2019) Tagged: Coding, Opinion & Perspective, Understanding Your World, How Things Work, Information Technology   |   When we think about it, our whole industry depends on our faith in a handful of “black boxes” few of us fully understand: browsers. We hand over our HTML, CSS, JavaScript, cross our fingers, and hope they render the experience we have in our heads. But knowing how they work can really get you out of a jam when things go wrong. That’s why we’ve assembled a handful of incredibly knowledgeable authors to take us under the hood in this four-part series. Join us on this trip across the web, into the often foggy valley between code and experience.
Office Ipsum Office Ipsum (3/6/2019) Tagged: Lorem Ipsum   |  

What you see is what you get. Great stuff to fill that space as you build out that website with filler text, and have some fun with it…

Shotgun approach we want to see more charts for knowledge process outsourcing and we've got to manage that low hanging fruit organic growth.

WCAG 2.1 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Web Accessibility Initiative (3/5/2019) Tagged: Visual Design, Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Web Accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, User Interface, Web Standards   |  

The World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) commitment to lead the Web to its full potential includes promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is an initiative of the W3C.

WAI develops its work through W3C’s consensus-based process, involving different stakeholders in Web accessibility. These include industry, disability organizations, government, accessibility research organizations, and more.

Information Architecture and Web Design in a Nutshell Information Architecture and Web Design in a Nutshell (3/2/2019) Tagged: HTML, Web Design, Web Development, How To, Information Architecture, CSS, Graphics & Images   |  

Information Architecture is a key foundational aspect of effective web design. Web Design in a Nutshell is a great overall primer on Web Design. Regardless of when they were published, they remain applicable and provide a good foundation on the subjects.

CSS & HTML Pocket Guides O’Reilly Pocket References: CSS & HTML (3/2/2019) Tagged: CSS, HTML, Web Design, Classics   |  

Two indispensable references that will help you at your desk as you learn and then refresh your memory on all the intricacies of Cascading Style Sheets and Hyper-Text Markup Language code.

Learning Web Design Learning Web Design (3/2/2019) Tagged: CSS, Graphics & Images, HTML, JavaScript, Web Design, Web Development, Computer Science Education   |  

Can it be more retro just do what you think. I trust you anyway, you are the designer, you know what to do. Do less with more. We exceed the clients' expectations just do what you think. I trust you, and just do what you think. I trust you, the website doesn't have the theme i was going for yet im not sure, try something else can you make the logo bigger yes bigger bigger still the logo is too big can you rework to make the pizza look more delicious.

Adding Custom Code Adding Custom Code (3/2/2019) Tagged: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Coding, Tutorials, Instructional, Learn to Code, Squarespace   |  

One of the things that you can do to customize your website is to add custom code. This resource will provide you with information you need to get started. If you are not comfortable with HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript coding then take a look at a couple of the other resources I’ve listed: Learning Web Design (book) and W3Schools.com which provides a wealth of info on those forms of coding.

W3Schools.com W3Schools (3/1/2019) Tagged: Browser Stats, Tutorials, Web Tools, Computer Science Education, Web Design, Web Development   |  

“The World’s Largest Web Developer Site.”

Highlights include: Browser Statistics, Color Converter, HTML Color Picker & W3Schools Online Web Tutorials featuring tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Server Side, Web Building, XML, SQL, PHP, jQuery, Python, Bootstrap & W3.CSS.

Nielsen Norman Group Nielsen Norman Group (3/1/2019) Tagged: Information Architecture, Search, eCommerce, User Interface, Writing for the Web, Content Strategy, Navigation, Design Process, Visual Design, Personas, Web Usability, Research Methods, User eXperience, User Testing, Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Psychology and UX   |  

“Nielsen-Norman Group is a UX research and consulting firm trusted by leading organizations world-wide to provide reliable guidance on user experience.”

O'Reilly O’Reilly Media – Titles for Web Design (2/27/2019) Tagged: CSS, HTML, Web Design, Web Development, Information Architecture   |  

“O'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly & Associates) is an American media company established by Tim O'Reilly that publishes books and Web sites and produces conferences on computer technology topics. Their distinctive brand features a woodcut of an animal on many of their book covers.”
– Wikipedia

Featuring 6 titles for Web Design.

Definitive Guide to Squarespace The Definitive Guide to Squarespace: Learn to Deliver Custom, Professional Web Experiences for Yourself and Your Clients (2/26/2019) Tagged: Web Development, Squarespace   |  

Published by Apress.com, 2017
By Sarah Martin

“Most up-to-date Squarespace book in the market to definitively cover every aspect of Squarespace development."

"Teaches the principles of working with Squarespace’s tools and how to do advanced customizations not covered in any documentation."

The Squarespace Template Bible The Squarespace Template Bible (2/14/2019) Tagged: Site Design, Templates   |  

Using My Head, Updated March, 2018
By Miko Coffey

“Try to see past the shag carpets: look beyond the demo site's purpose, content and style and try to imagine your own stuff in that template.”

— Miko Coffey. UsingMyHead.com

A List Apart A List Apart (2/2/2019) Tagged: Web Design, Classics, Writing for the Web   |  

For People Who Make Websites

A List Apart (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

DuckDuckGo Duck Duck Go – Search Engine (2/2/2019) Tagged: Search, Privacy   |  

“We’re setting the new standard of trust online, empowering people to take control of their information. Search privately. What you search for is your own business. Switch to the search engine that doesn’t track you.”