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Published by the Utah Avalanche Center. The best way to learn about avalanches and how to avoid them is to take an avalanche class from a qualified instructor. You can get a good introduction to understanding avalanches by studying avalanche articles, books, and videos. It’s also important to keep your skills current.

These resources provide a great way to brush up on skills and keep up with the latest technology, theory, and professional practice.

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Know Before You Go – Avalanche Education

Know Before You Go – Avalanche Education

Know Before You Go is a free avalanche awareness program. Not much science, no warnings to stay out of the mountains, no formulas to memorize. In 1 hour, you will see the destructive power of avalanches, understand when and why they happen, and how you can have fun in the mountains and avoid avalanches. The Know Before You Go program is non-profit and depends on grants and donations. KBYG is a program of the Utah Avalanche Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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