Utah Avalanche Center & USDA Forest Service

Alta Snowfall by Month

chart and a table that contains historical snowfall data by month as recorded at the Alta Guard station which is now part of the UDOT avalanche snow safety operation. This historical data was first compiled by Montgomery Atwater who was the first snow ranger in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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Mt. Nebo Field Study – March 5, 2019.

Mt. Nebo Field Study – March 5, 2019

This is just a sample of the work that goes into assessing snow stability. Utah Avalanche Center staff do this work daily through out the Winter along the Wasatch Mountains and in other regions of Utah. this observation is remarkable in that it’s a deep snow study pit with a distinct fracture occurring during testing. This will be unfamiliar for those who are not accustomed to skiing in hazardous backcountry environments.

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