two metallic gears, illustration - Credit: Starline

Operationalizing AI Ethics Principles

What is the point of company-specific sets of principles if the content is largely the same, as we have seen? If well done, the point is that organizations with their own customized set of AI principles can determine how to weigh competing principles and which intrinsic value to prioritize when core principles (and theories) conflict.

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autonomous vehicle identifies pedestrians - Credit: Kollected Studio

Crowdsourcing Moral Machines

“Crowdsourcing Moral Machines” Communications of the ACM, March 2020, Vol. 63 No. 3, Pages 48-55 Contributed Articles By Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Jean-François Bonnefon, Azim Shariff, Iyad Rahwan We believe that social scientists and computational social scientists have a pivotal …

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Smart Cities – Who Benefits?

Communications of the ACM, July 2019
By Susan J. Winter

“This column uses the case of smart cities to illustrate the ethical dilemmas created by an otherwise innocuous-seeming issue. … Cui bono, which means “who benefits?” … Cui bono? In principle, everyone. But a closer look at the smart cities rhetoric shows the benefits focused on a subset of the total.”

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