autonomous vehicle identifies pedestrians - Credit: Kollected Studio

Crowdsourcing Moral Machines

“Crowdsourcing Moral Machines” Communications of the ACM, March 2020, Vol. 63 No. 3, Pages 48-55 Contributed Articles By Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Jean-François Bonnefon, Azim Shariff, Iyad Rahwan We believe that social scientists and computational social scientists have a pivotal …

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Smart Cities – Who Benefits?

Communications of the ACM, July 2019
By Susan J. Winter

“This column uses the case of smart cities to illustrate the ethical dilemmas created by an otherwise innocuous-seeming issue. … Cui bono, which means “who benefits?” … Cui bono? In principle, everyone. But a closer look at the smart cities rhetoric shows the benefits focused on a subset of the total.”

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