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Security Event Primer – Malware

“While this is beyond the scope of the average daily home-user, it nonetheless provides good information about what you can do to minimize your chances of your computer becoming infected. You can benefit from it even if you don’t understand everything in it.”
—WWD Webmaster

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Protecting Against Malicious Code

“Threats to your computer will continue to evolve. Although you cannot eliminate every hazard, by using caution, installing and using antivirus software, and following other simple security practices, you can significantly reduce your risk and strengthen your protection against malicious code.”

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William Hugh Murray

An Interview with William Hugh Murray – A discussion of the rapidly evolving realm of practical cyber security

Communications of the ACM, March 2019
By Peter J. Denning

“What has changed over those years is not the need for security, but the risks and costs of insecurity. It should be clear to a casual reader of the news, let alone those with access to intelligence sources, that what we are doing is not working. It is both costly and dangerous… Most of the resistance to using these practices comes from loss of convenience. Good security is not convenient. But it is absolutely necessary for the security of our assets and the reliability of the many critical systems on which we all depend.”

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