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Quantum-Safe Trust for Vehicles: The Race Is Already On

Now that it seems quantum-computing capabilities could become commercially available within the next decade or two—likely in the form of cloud-based services—security professionals have turned with an intensified sense of urgency to the challenge of how to respond to the threat of quantum-powered attacks. One domain where this is particularly true is in the automotive industry, where cars now coming off assembly lines are sometimes referred to as “rolling datacenters” in acknowledgment of all the entertainment and communications capabilities they contain.

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Cyber Security in the Quantum Era

Communications of the ACM, April 2019
By Petros Wallden, Elham Kashefi

“The ability to communicate securely and compute efficiently is more important than ever to society. The Internet and increasingly the Internet of Things, has had a revolutionary impact on our world. Over the next 5-10 years, we will see a flux of new possibilities, as quantum technologies become part of this mainstream computing and communicating landscape. Future networks will certainly consist of both classical and quantum devices and links, some of which are expected to be dishonest, with functionalities of various sophistication, ranging from simple routers to servers executing universal quantum algorithms. The realization of such a complex network of classical and quantum communication must rely on a solid novel foundation that, nevertheless, is able to foresee and handle the intricacies of real-life implementations and novel applications.”

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