Phone Keyboard Tips You Might Not Know About

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Phone Keyboard Tips You Might Not Know About
WIRED, September 11, 2022
By David Nield

“From editing to dictation, you can do more with your smartphone’s keyboard than you might have realized.”


The app that you use most on your phone has nothing to do with messages, news, social media, web browsing, or playing games: It’s the keyboard.


There’s a lot you can do with the humble pop-up keyboard to time and trouble. These simple tricks apply to both iPhones and Android devices—give them a try and you might wonder how you ever lived without them.


  • Swipe to Type
  • Access One-Handed Mode
  • Find Even More Emoji
  • Easily Edit Text
  • Save Time Typing
  • Use Your Voice Instead
  • Switch Keyboards Completely

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David Nield writes for Wired.