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Best practices in shovelling techniques, equipment and strategies continue to evolve in Avalanche Search and Rescue (AvSAR). Smart shovelling methods are critical, as shovelling consumes most of the time during an avalanche rescue. The Strike Team Shovelling method is a new angle that takes the best of the “strategic shovelling” and “V-shaped conveyor” methods commonly taught in avalanche rescue courses. This three-part series provides a detailed overview of the strike team shovelling, which the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) started teaching in the past couple of years in all CAA AvSAR courses. (BCA – BackCountry Access)

Strike Team Shoveling 1, 2 & 3


The North American Avalanche Danger Scale is a tool used by avalanche forecasters to communicate the potential for avalanches to cause harm or injury to backcountry travelers.

The U.S. and Canada use a five-category estimation of the avalanche danger: Low, Moderate, Considerable, High and Extreme.

 North American Avalanche Danger Scale North American Avalanche Danger Scale



 National Danger Map . Avalanche.org National Danger Map . Avalanche.org



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